December 8, 2023

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah

“Dharma protects those who protect it” is a profound statement that holds significant meaning in various philosophical and spiritual traditions, particularly in Hinduism. It emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between an individual’s adherence to righteous principles (Dharma) and the protection and support they receive in return.

Dharma is a complex and multifaceted concept in Hindu philosophy. It encompasses the moral and ethical duties, responsibilities, and righteous actions that individuals should follow to maintain harmony, order, and righteousness in their lives and society. It is considered the foundation of a just and balanced existence.

According to the principle of “Dharma protects those who protect it,” it is believed that when individuals live in alignment with Dharma, upholding truth, justice, compassion, and other virtuous qualities, they not only contribute to the well-being of society but also invite protection and blessings into their own lives.

Here’s a deeper understanding of how Dharma protects those who protect it:

  1. Moral Guidance and Inner Harmony: Following Dharma provides individuals with a moral compass and inner guidance. It helps them make right choices and maintain integrity, leading to a sense of peace and harmony within themselves.
  2. Social Order and Stability: Dharma provides the foundation for a just and harmonious society. When individuals uphold their respective duties and responsibilities, it contributes to the overall welfare and stability of the community.
  3. Karmic Balance and Spiritual Growth: Dharma is closely linked to the concept of karma, the law of cause and effect. Upholding Dharma in thoughts, words, and actions generates positive karma, which can bring about favorable circumstances, protection, and spiritual growth.
  4. Divine Support and Grace: It is believed that when individuals steadfastly adhere to Dharma, they invoke the support and grace of divine forces. The cosmic order (Rta) and deities associated with Dharma are believed to protect and guide those who uphold righteousness.
  5. Inner Strength and Resilience: Living in alignment with Dharma cultivates qualities such as courage, compassion, and resilience. These qualities enable individuals to face challenges and overcome obstacles in their personal and spiritual journeys.

However, it is important to note that the concept of Dharma is nuanced and can vary across different philosophical, cultural, and religious contexts. The understanding of how Dharma protects those who protect it may differ among individuals and traditions. Nonetheless, the underlying principle emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between living a righteous life and receiving protection, support, and blessings in return.

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